Skyline Fabrication’s modular bolt-on balcony and railing assemblies are engineered with our exclusive Trubeam™ technology. We used our 20+ years of experience working hand-in-hand with architects throughout design and planning to create Trubeam™ modular systems.

Our Trubeam™ systems are crafted specifically for the mixed-use commercial and multi-family marketplace. Our hands-on experience has helped architects across the country make their visions become a project reality. Designed for balconies, our Trubeam™ systems meet all structural and aesthetic requirements architects seek. Trubeam™ allows balconies and decks to span further distances with a lower profile and our modular systems easily accommodate virtually any deck size – options generally not available with standard steel and wood decks.

Skyline Fabrication’s fully-engineered modular systems can be adapted to fit nearly any look and are available in 69 standard powder coat colors meeting AAMA 2603 specifications. Enhancing the look of your building with innovative ideas and our first-class craftsmanship is not only our goal, it is our passion. We manufacture our own products and are familiar with the many points of necessity architects require.

Working closely with architects for more than two decades, we designed our modular systems to be lightweight, ensure long-lasting safety, require less waterproofing and no maintenance – everything an architect could ask for! The result is Skyline Fabrication’s Trubeam™ engineered modular systems, a product that can span further distances than our competition without penetrating the building envelope. Trubeam™ weighs 66% less than steel and doesn’t require the repeated maintenance of wood. You can see why our modular system are preferred by architects and developers throughout the United States.

Most Trubeam™ modular systems are designed to attach to structures with knife plates. This attachment method prevents water from penetrating the building envelope and reduces the number of required attachment points.

Give us a call and we’ll work to help your project achieve your firm’s or client’s design and construction goals.

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