Download our Introduction to Knife Plates (PDF)

Skyline’s preferred method of supporting our products are a combination of various types of knife plates.

Our design team will ensure the correct knife plates to support our products, to accommodate the siding buildups, and to mount to the structural design of the building.

Improved Waterproofing

Knife plates are designed to work in tandem with today’s modern building envelope systems. Regardless of the type they get their name ‘knife’ from vertical blade of metal protruding from the building structure. This blade is built to span the full depth of the waterproofing and siding effectively bridging the gap between our decks and the structure while being easily accommodated by the waterproofing and siding trades.

Most knife plates have a large back plate attached to the building structure, either welded to an embed at concrete levels or mechanically fastened to framing.

Four Knife Plate Styles

The four main styles of knife plates used by Skyline are seat, clevis, bent angle, and cantilevered. We finish all of our knife plates to match our products – nothing ruins the visual of a beautiful deck like a raw galvanized support!